Friday, April 13, 2012

What I've been up to...

This is who I have been hanging out with lately.

She's quite the cutie. She'll be 4 months on the 15th and is already a gabby little girl. We love to "talk" to each other. She is fascinated by the ceiling fan and loves to hold long conversations with the ceiling fan in our family room, bedroom, nursery... She's almost rolled over on her own a few times and is already starting to teeth. I like to call her my Angel and my Bug-a-boo.

Soooo, I started back at work full time this week. It has been hard adjusting from full-time mommy, back to worker bee. But I survived my first week. Go me! I still have hopes of keeping my blog alive and want to thank all who are still reading my posts. Seriously, THANK YOU! I think I will try to post once a week and see how that goes. Wish me luck!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nursery Room Reveal

At last, here is Isabel's lonnnnng awaited Nursery Room reveal...

Isabel is still sleeping in our room in a portable crib, but once she starts sleeping through the night more regularly, we plan to move her to her room. I have to confess I am a weeeee bit nervous about this move. Will I hear her wake up in the morning or night before she reaches full melt down and needs a bottle pronto? We have a baby monitor of course, but still. I'm a new mom, so I can't help but worry about these things :)

Here is her room as you enter it from the door. I kept the walls the same blue they were when the room was the guest bedroom, and added punches of pink, aqua, green, yellow and orange through accessories.

Another view of the room through the mirrored closet doors. My husband was holding her the other day up to the mirrored doors and Isabel was checking herself out. It was rather cute!

Crib and rocker/ottoman was purchased from Pottery Barn, and the aqua Chevron rug (yes, I too have caught the Chevron bug!) was purchased from Urban Outfitters.

Here's a close-up of the fabric hoops I made. And here again is the tutorial. I realize that once Isabel learns to stand up in her crib I will either need to relocate the hoops or hang them much, much higher!

Across from the crib is her dresser. The dresser once belonged to my father inlaw, and then was in my husband's room growing up, so I decided to not paint it but instead dressed it up with some acrylic knobs from Target.

Above the dresser I spray painted some frames blue, pink and yellow, and created art I found on Pinterest. (with the exception of the cream frame - that was purchased at a furniture store many moons ago)

'LOVE' was created using scrapbook paper from my stash.

'Each Day I Love You More' was created using chipboard letters,which I painted white and pink.
(excuse the glare)

'Butterflies' was created with a Martha Stewart butterfly punch, dictionary pages, and Close To My Heart pearl drops.
(again, please excuse the glare)

To the right of the dresser are some shadow boxes that I purchased at Kohl's and then created fabric covered backs for (again inspired by good old Pinterest!). I used the same fabric I used on the hoops above the crib.

Below is the bookcase my husband built back in high school and which I chose to spray paint pink and repurpose as a changing table. I purchased the changing pad cover after I had painted the bookcase, and it coincidentally was the same shade of pink! With what basic sewing skills I do have, I sewed a curtain to hide the lower shelves and all that they store.

I found this floor lamp at Target and covered the plain jane lamp shade with some leftover green and white polka dot fabric and added pom pom trim that I purchased on Etsy.

Pom poms! (Did I ever tell you that I was a cheerleader back in 8th grade? Well, I was.) I purchased these 7 tissue pom poms on Etsy and hung them with fishing line to the ceiling above the rocker.

I plucked this fun gold frame from the bargain bin at my local craft store and painted the glass with chalk board paint. Voila! A tres chic chalk board for whatever quote my heart desires. Currently the quote is "You are the one and only ever you" from the book 'On The Night You Were Born". I just love this quote.

My mother gave me this print as a gift for Isabel's nursery. She remembers it hanging in her grandparents home when she was a little girl.

And here is probably my favorite part of her room. The book ledges! My ever so talented (and handsome) husband built and hung these right before Isabel was born. She has quite the book collection already!

Because the top ledge is so high, and both Isabel and I would need a ladder to retrieve a book from the top ledge (unless of course we raise a little monkey who decides to climb!), I made these fabric READ letters to remind little Miss Isabel to read. My next post will be a DIY on how I created these fun letters.

So there it is. Isabel's Nursery Room at last. I hope it was worth the wait :)


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Isabel's Birth Announcement

Greetings from mommyhood! 
I had not intended to neglect my blog for so long, but being a new mom, I was not prepared for a lot of things.
Like how little sleep I would be required to function on.
Or how some days I would still be in my pj's with wild hair and unbrushed teeth well into the afternoon.
And that I would find myself making up songs, even singing commercial jingles, to entertain the baby.
Or how a simple little smile from Isabel would send my heart soaring.
Being a mommy has changed my life in so many ways. 
I did not know it was possible to love someone as much as I love her.

I finally got around to taking photos for Isabel's birth announcement. I had meant to take them much earlier but didn't get around to it until she was 10 weeks. And I'm kinda glad I had waited because as you can tell from the photos she was alert and smiling and so fun to take pictures of.

Upcoming posts...

Nursery Reveal (finally!)
DIY Fabric Covered Letters
Valentines Collage (better late than never!)

I return to work on April 2nd and should be able to resume to normal blogging again since I will be able to post on my lunch break without the interruption of little-miss-cutie-patootie!

I hope all is well with you my dear readers. I have missed you so!



Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Came Early!

I'm pleased to introduce Isabel Dorothy, 

born December 15th, 5:45 AM, 8lbs 2oz and 20 inches long.

She is the new love in my life and the reason I have been absent from my blog.

I'm pretty sure you won't hold it against me ;-)

Isabel wasn't due until January 2nd, however on December 8th I was diagnosed with preeclampsia, and on December 14th, my doctor decided to induce me at 37w2d since the baby was considered full term. And even though Isabel was early, she was still a big girl! I can only imagine how much she would have weighed if she had gone till her due date. My guess is close to 10lbs.

My husband and I are getting used to being parents and having our world revolve around our little bundle of love. I could stare at her for hours. I know that every mother feels this way, but I think she is the most beautiful baby in the world. She truly takes my breath away.

I have two last projects I hope to get around to soon before I finally post her nursery reveal. I will probably take the next few weeks off from my blog so that I can enjoy being a mommy, and perhaps clean the house which looks like a tornado hit it, but I promise to return, so please check back!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Little Christmas Inspiration

I must apologize for being absent as of late. Today I reached the 37 week mark and I'm definitely feeling it! I'm tired, uncomfortable and just plain slow. To top it all off, last Wednesday my feet and ankles ballooned to about three times their normal size. And Thursday when I went in for my first antenatal appointment (where they monitor the baby's heartbeat), my feet were still swollen and my blood pressure was around 148 laying down. The nurse of course called my doctor pronto and I was ordered straight home to rest for the weekend. Do not pass go-do not collect $200. I go in for another antenatal test on Monday and see my OB on Tuesday, so we will see if I am ordered on home or bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy. Fingers crossed that I am not, because I just might go stir crazy!!
On another note, I hope to post pictures of our home decked out for Christmas soon. I just need to make the house presentable for posting (i.e. clear off kitchen island of all the paper clutter, put away the rest of the shower gifts that have been living on the dining room table, etc.).

And the nursery is almost ready for it's final reveal. The rug and ottoman finally arrived last week!

Until then, here is a little Christmas Inspiration compliments of Pinterest (by the way, if you have an iPhone; which Santa got me for Christmas and let me open early, you MUST download the Pinterest app!)










Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Bingo Card

Here's a fun Christmas Bingo Card hanging that I created a few years ago.

The bingo card measures 5x7 and came in a kit I had purchased. I dug through my box of treasures to decorate the card, but you can find similar pieces at your local craft store or online. The photo is a favorite of mine. It's a photo of my mom Janet when she was a little girl and it appears that she has put Santa to sleep with her wish list for Christmas.

I punched a hole in each corner of the card and thread silver pipe cleaner through the holes to use as a hanger. And then I embellished the card with buttons, rhinestones, lace, glitter star and rhinestone button....

a pre-made flower, bottle brush Christmas tree, metal Joy word, a metal "tis the season!" label, garland, pom pom fringe, and crepe paper. I also matted the picture onto white card stock and cut a scallop edge with scissors and then outlined the photo with some silver glitter glue.

You can purchase a bingo cards online....

Or also search the internet for Bingo Images or Clip Art. Here is one that I found in my search....


This would make a fun topper for a special someone's Christmas present, or perhaps an ornament for the tree? I have mine hanging on our entertainment center in the family room.

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