Hello, my name is Jenny, or Jen. Not Jennifer.
I always get asked if I’m a Jennifer,
but my parents picked Jenny, so Jenny it is!
Not that I mind the name Jennifer :)
Okay, now that we have my first name straight, a little about me
and why I have started this blog.

I am married to my best friend of almost 15 years.
His name is Jim and he makes me laugh every day.
I think he tries to get out of trouble by making me laugh. He’s sneaky that way.

I am the mommy to two spoiled dogs.
A sweet 10 year old yellow lab named Sierra.
And a bossy 9 year old Jack Russel Terrier named Molly.
I also love cats, but Jim is allergic to them. So no cats for us.

We live in Northern California in Sonoma County among the redwood trees.
I love where we live.
In 2000, my husband and I built our dream home on 4 acres and lived to tell about it.
I am lucky that my husband lets me do pretty much
anything I want when it comes to the house.
Not that he has a choice.
Because I’d wear him down eventually.

One weekend while my sweet husband was at work
I swapped the guest bedroom and my craft room.
All.By.Myself. True story!
And ever since, my husband has been afraid of what else
I might move/paint/create while he is at work.
He’s right to be afraid. 

In March 2011, I created this blog because I heart blogs and also heart DIY projects
and I heart my home and I thought an online diary might be fun. 
My plan is to share projects and inspiration as they come to me.
So welcome to my blog,
where inspiration and determination collide!

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