Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer

White Rock Lake outside Truckee, which we visited last summer.

I had posted my Words for Monday with a little disclaimer that I was on vacation for the next 3 weeks in Truckee but that I would try and put up a post or two, or three. But apparently my post vanished. 

So far my vacation is going as planned. I have managed to get a nap in each day! Today we head into town to check out the shops before the first set of guests arrive tomorrow.

I still need to post the cards from the swap and hope to do that later today, after my nap of course ;-)



  1. What a beautiful photo. It sounds like you are getting the rest and relaxation that you deserve....and need! Have you been getting in any reading?

  2. Enjoy your holiday the photo looks amazing, there is nothing better than a nanna nap while on a break.

  3. wow! beautiful! enjoy and have fun! :D

  4. Look forward to relaxing with you soon... well not sure how much relaxing since I do come with two kids and Nate:)


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