Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Postcards from Truckee

We are fortunate enough to co-own a vacation home in Truckee, where we love to spend our summer vacation every year. For the last two summers, we extended our usual two week vacation, to three weeks. Three weeks truly allows you to unwind and forget about work and all the chores awaiting you at home, and allows you to have a real vacation. I look forward to summer in Truckee every year.

Here are some scenes from our summer vacation....

Would you believe there was still snow in July? Crazy!

Yet, at the same time there was signs of summer.

My husband took these photos of the poppies. Aren't they gorgeous?

There was fishing. Our friends kids entered a fishing derby on Donner Lake.

There was tubing down the Truckee River.

My shadow in the Truckee River. I wish I had legs this long!

We explored the train tunnels above Donner Lake. One of our favorites places to take new visitors.

There's an opening in the tunnel where you are awarded with a breathtaking view of Donner Lake.

We also hiked a little. Notice the sign. Leave it to my husband to want to still hike.

I was relieved when the trails were no where near as dangerous as the sign led us to believe.

The falls were amazing. Lots of snow runoff!

And the scenery, beautiful.

And I couldn't ask for better company!

Did you go anywhere fun this summer or have any fun vacations planned?



  1. Looks like you had fun and glad you could relax! I would love to go through the train tunnels!

  2. Great pics! Looks like so much fun. I used to frequently go to the Tahoe area but now we seldom make the trip. And looking at your photos, that makes me sad!

    One of these days we'll venture up there again.

  3. Looks like a wonderful vacation. We usually head to San Diego but haven't been there in a couple years. My husband and oldest son will be going to a week of Boy Scout camp on Catalina Island. Your photos are amazing, there is nothing like that fresh, clean mountain air. Glad you had a good time.

  4. Berta - if I ever do another retreat in Truckee, we will for sure have to make a trip to the tunnels!

    Adrienne - I just love Tahoe/Sierra. I could live there from Summer to Fall. Just not Winter! I am not a shovel the snow kinda gal.

    What's her bucket - Oh, I love Catalina Island! When I lived in LA for two years, we took a boat ride to the island for the day and spent it at the beach. Such a pretty place. Enjoy your trip!

  5. Christmas in July for sure! Thanks for the gorgeous photos, Jenny. Ah, those lazy days of summer, soooooo necessary! And just think, next year you'll have your baby with you!!!!!

    Those train tunnels are amazing. I never knew about them, and I've been to
    Truckee at least a dozen times. Gotta check those out.

    this post brought back memories of our long-ago summer vacation - oh wait, it was just a month ago but it feels like ages already - I'm ready for another one, LOL!!!!

  6. What beautiful photos Jenny, love the scenery! And no crowds like Yosemite, haha!! I had to chuckle at the pic of Jim wearing shorts in the snow!
    thanks for sharing. The train tunnels look interesting.


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