Thursday, October 6, 2011

Etsy Finds 10.6.11

1. EAT sign - I have some red cardboard letters hanging in our kitchen that spell EAT, but I love the metal and cursive look of this eat sign.
2. Mesh Poncho - I have been obsessing over ponchos lately. I need to find one long enough that will cover my growing belly. This one isn't long enough, but I still love it anyway.
3. Punkin - Isabel should be around 10 months next October. I wonder if I can find a pumpkin big enough? Would this be considered child abuse?
4. Green Velvet Purse - This purse just screams my name!
5. Red &  White Stapler - I believe you have my stapler. If you even have to ask what movie that quote is from, shame on you! ;)
6. Chalkboard Tray - I'm pretty sure I've featured one of these in an earlier Esty Finds. But I still love these and want to make one!

My Friday starts today (yay!) and at 4 o'clock on the dot I will be hitting the road and on my merry way to Bodega Bay where me and 12 other girls will take over a house for the weekend and get our craft on. We try and do these retreats 1-2 times a year and I love them so! I have already warned my husband that this will not be changing when the baby comes along.

Wishing you all a glorious weekend whatever it is you are doing!



  1. Aww, a baby in a pumpkin for sale on etsy?! How cute! Hahaha ;-) The chalkboard tray is such a great idea, love it! Enjoy your crafty/girlie weekend, sounds like a fab idea xo

  2. Yes Jenny, we love our BB weekends ;-) And Jim will have no trouble with baby duty! And he has two close by babysitters too!

  3. OOOOOOH my gosh! I saw #3 and IMMEDIATELY looked at my husband and said, "We SO have to do this!" (If we can find a pumpkin big enough, that is....)


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