Tuesday, November 8, 2011

DIY Paper Christmas Trees

This is the first in a series of Christmas craft projects I plan to share with you in months of November and December. Christmas is my favorite holiday and as soon as November hits I am inspired to make all things Christmas.

I made these three trees several years ago. I was inspired by a Making Memories ad in Creating Keepsakes magazine. I can't remember which tree it was that Making Memories had featured, it might have been the fringe or loop one, but I knew I had to make my own.  And of course everything is better in threes!

Here's a close-up of the tree trees. The first is a loop version, the middle one a fringe tree, and the last is a collage of torn paper. All three are super easy and fun to make!

Supplies needed:

3 Styrofoam cones
1 wooden dowel cut into 3 pieces
3 pots for your base
3 Styrofoam half balls
 Moss from your floral dept.
3 different kinds of ribbon
Hot glue gun
Glue or adhesive
Jingle bells & Pom poms
Decorative ribbon and trim for collage tree, as well as dowels
Assortment of Christmas scrapbook paper

To create the loop Christmas Tree strips:

Cut a 3" x 12" strip of scrapbook paper and fold it in half and secure with adhesive at the top. With scissors, cut strips from the looped bottom, to just about 1/2" from the top.

To create the fringe Christmas tree strips:

 Cut a 2" x 12" strip of scrapbook paper and fold it in half and then in half again. With scissors, cut thin strips to just about 1/2" from the top. Unfold and you now have one long strip of fringe.

To create collage Christmas tree pieces:
(sorry, no picture)

Tear random pieces and strips of scrapbook paper or scraps in various sizes and shapes.

The create the loop and fringe tree:

Starting from the bottom of your styrofoam cone, wrap the tree one strip at a time, securing with adhesive or glue. Trim the strips to length as you work your way up the tree.

To create the collage tree:

Wrap your stryofoam cone in some plain paper and secure with adhesive or glue. Now for the fun part, start gluing and overlapping the torn pieces of paper until you have covered every inch of the cone. Add some trim and ribbon to the bottom of the cone and secure with hot glue or pins.

To assemble your trees:

1. Now take your three pots and place a half styrofoam ball in each.

2. Cover the exposed styrofoam ball with moss using hot glue.

3. Take a dowel and stick it through the center of the sytrofoam ball.

4. Take your tree topper and stick it through the top of the dowel.

5. If either end of the dowel feel loose, secure with hot glue.

6. Wrap each dowel with ribbon and secure with hot glue or adhesive.

7. Add a bell or pom to the top of your trees.

8. Now stand back and admire your craftiness and display your trees for all to see!



  1. I loved making these trees! I have several Christmas projects in the works, I love to craft for Christmas!!! But first I have some crafty things to finish for someones baby shower ;-)

  2. I made a few of these a couple of years back but I gave them away as gifts!! I am getting in gear to make a few holiday decorations - but now I too apparently have a few crafty things to make for someones baby shower!

  3. I remember that exact ad! Always wanted to make them, Love those trees.

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  5. These are so beautiful!! I've already started thinking about Christmas decor, too!


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