Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nursery Progress

The nursery is slowing taking shape! The glider arrived, and boy is it fancy. Not only does it glide, it also rocks and swivels. Now if only it could make me a mocha or latte, I would be even more impressed. The ottoman is still in transit,but should arrive before the baby.  I purchased a floor lamp at Target to go between the chair and crib, and covered the lampshade in some fun green polka dot fabric I had left over from my hoop project. I plan to dress up the bottom of the lampshade with some fun pom pom fringe.

Here's my hoops again. For the DIY go here.

The hubby requested a pillow for his lower back for the countless hours he will be spending in the chair with the baby.  And me being the good wife that I am, sewed him this fun pink pillow. I didn't tell him that I was planning to make a pillow anyway ;-)

The pom poms for above the chair arrived this week! I can't wait to assemble and hang them.

 I also bought a cream pom pom to soften all the pink.

I have been eyeing this fun rug for the nursery.

Urban Outfitters

I'm also eyeing something like this for curtains. If I can't find ruffle curtains in the right length I'm thinking I could get this shower curtain (or two) and make them into curtains.

Urban Outfitters

Next on the list of projects:

Create some frame art to go above the dresser.

Paint the changing table, that is after we dig it out of the closet!

Clean out the closet, which happens to currently house all my Christmas decorations.

Get the hubby to build me those book ledges for behind the door.

Make a ruffle lamp shade for lamp on dresser.

Finish it all before the baby arrives!

Nest! Nest! Nest!!



  1. Don't say "maybe" say DEFINITELY making curtains out of those shower curtains. Love. Looking Awesome Jenny!! Yay babies!

  2. Love those curtains Jenny!! You could easily adapt them for the windows! Love the hoops also!! Save a little wall space, you never know what gifts you may receive!

  3. Awe, everything looks so great! I love the chevron rug and curtains you've got your eye on, too! Once it is all together you are just going to want to sit in there. Before my son was born, and I had his room complete, I loved the feeling of his nursery. It was so warm and inviting. Have fun with the rest of the details!!

  4. Sorry, it's me, Sarah, from Coffee & Cabernet. I am signed in under my personal account! Ooops.

  5. Looks cute! It's really coming together!

  6. If you ever find a glider that makes mochas and lattes, I might have to get pregnant!

  7. I love watching how you decorate the nursery. It's such an exciting time. I've been through this pink nursery. Now my daughter is redoing it for a little boy due in February. I really like your hoop art and the chenille pillow looks so comfortable. Thanks for visiting my blog also.


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