Friday, May 27, 2011

Etsy Finds 5.27.11

1. J+P Pillow - cute idea for a pillow.
2. Little Bow Necklace - I love how delicate and simple this necklace is. 
3. Summer Poncho - I love the light, airy and transparent look of this poncho.
4. Oversized Bag - This would probably be a back killer, but it looks cool! And think of all the stuff it would hold!
5. Hoop Earrings - I'm a sucker for hoops. Love the beading on these.
6. Winning - This one just made me laugh! Thank you Charlie Sheen. 

Happy Friday and Three Day Weekend!!
I have a few projects around the house that I want to paint the family room, clean the guest bedroom of clutter, clean my craft room (I'm about half way done already), help my mom power wash her deck free of winter mold and yuck, and hopefully catch the new Hangover 2 movie in there somewhere! 



  1. That little bow necklace is so sweet - I think it's my favorite of the bunch.
    Have a wonderful sound like you'll be busy!

  2. Love all your finds. Those earrings look just like "you"! Sounds like a fun weekend. I want to go see Hangover 2 also.

  3. Hope you had a great weekend! Shout out to your lampshade on my blog today. :-)


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