Friday, May 13, 2011

Etsy Finds

1. Sugary Sweet Wall Frame Collection - love the combo of colors. This would look pretty grouped together on wall with your favorite photos. And with a few cans of spray paint,  you could even make over some frames that you already own.
2. Vintage SEARS Typewriter Rings - fun, hip and cool idea for a ring.
3. Multifloral Fifi Clutch - I love the fabric and want this clutch!
4. Cozy Bean Shawl in Yellow - love the sunny color and flower shape of this shawl. If only I could crochet!
5. Pearls and Peridot necklace -  my birthstone is peridot. And this necklace is lovely!
6. Vintage Bracelet - ooh pretty sparkly bracelet!

Happy Friday! I was supposed to go on a scrapbooking retreat this weekend but have been under the weather the last two days. So it's a weekend at home for me :(



  1. You didn't go!?! Good to know, now I can e-mail you when I am making a mess of my blog!

  2. Heather - Nope. Total bummer. I so look forward to your blog!

    Berta - I miss you girls like you don't even know! I so wish I had been feeling well enough to go.

  3. Aw, Jenny, we missed you!! Hope you're feeling better by now and hope to see you soon. Very cute card, btw :)

  4. We missed you this weekend! I hope you are feeling better!!


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