Friday, May 20, 2011

For the love of Pinterest!

 My usual Friday Etsy Finds is postponed a wee bit. But here's a different post to tie you over....

Have you discovered Pinterest yet? It's like a beautiful photo album for all your favorite online images. See something you like, "pin it" to your Pinterest album. Also pin images from your friends and other members albums. It even saves the link to each image for you so you won't forget where you found it!
It's the bees knees!

Here's a peek at my Pinterest boards. I still have some adding to do, but I'm confident that my boards will be a runneth over in no time ;-)

Want an invitation to join?  Leave a request in the comments, or send me a private email and I will send you an invite. You can sign up on your own, but it takes forever to be accepted it seems! I tried two times to sign up on my own before a friend kindly sent me an invitation to join. Aren't friends great!



  1. YEAH

    I want one!!!


    and thank you!

    that is all

  2. Jenny, isn't Pinterest the best?? I love "pinning". So many great ideas to save!

  3. Hey guys, I want one too! I've tried to join on my own, but, alas, no one ever accepted me!

  4. Thanks for inviting me, Jenny. And now I know what it is! I look forward to spending some time on this soon. You're always in the vanguard of the latest and greatest!

  5. I would love an invite if you have any left, if not, well thank you for the offer anyway! :)

  6. Stephanie, I sent a request for you email through your website. Beautiful photography btw!


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