Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Master Bedroom Reveal

Drum roll please.........

I finally finished making over our bedroom!
I'm not quite sure what piece started the whole domino effect of re-doing our master bedroom. It was probably either my newly silver leaf and shiny jewelry cabinet, or the fabulous over-sized damask stencil that I purchased online. Whichever one it was, it certainly got my creative juices flowing!

I apologize in advance for the overload of photos.

Our bed sits up on a raised platform and through an arch. It feels very dramatic and is my favorite part of our bedroom.

I purchased these canopy spools from Pottery Barn last year. It adds a little drama to our bed. And there's the sunburst mirror I just purchased from Ballard Designs.

 Here's a view of the canopy from the other side. The top spool measures about 1 foot I think. And don't you just dig the damask stencil! I looks like wallpaper, but it's not!

Here's another picture of my stenciled wall. I'm quite proud of how cleanly I carried the stencil all the way to the corners. It looks seamless!

Ahhh, yes....the chartreuse rosette pillows from Target! I couldn't resist them when they went on sale. I think they give the right pop of color in our bedroom.

The ruffle lamp shade was made by moi! I also spray painted our brass looking lamp a fun turquoise.

And this little cutie of a flower pot was another creation of mine. I have a few DIY's to share with you in the coming weeks.

My husband's dresser fits perfectly on the wall behind one of the arches.

I love all things mercury glass! And that flower arrangement, was another creation by moi.

These two frames hang on the wall by my side of the bed. I spray painted the frames from black to gold and then found some pictures online that struck my fancy and printed them onto textured card stock. Voila! Instant art!

Looking out from Jim's side of the bed....

And from my side of the bed (I'm a left side of the bed sleeper)

Signs to fall asleep and rise to: Chase Your Dreams, and Live Laugh Love

I've had these decorative mirrors forever and just love them!

And here is my silver leaf cabinet that I did. Stay tuned for the DIY on that project!

I keep my most favorite earrings out for easy access and display. A girl can never have enough jewels, right?

I have two of these chairs in our bedroom. My grandmother gave them to me. I believe they used to reside in her bedroom. I hand sewed the slipcovers many years ago before I had a sewing machine. I'm pretty proud of the fact that the slipcovers haven't fallen apart!

I created my own "kissing checklist"

#7 on the list was after my husband proposed to me....almost 15 years ago this September. *Correction, we've almost been married 15 years (holy smokes, we're an old married couple!) and he proposed 16 1/2 years ago in November.

My sweet, sweet and ever so thoughtful husband surprised me with this dresser one Christmas shortly after we were married. We had been out looking at antiques and I had spotted this dresser at an Antique mall in Sebastopol, and I commented on how pretty it was. Well he went back and purchased it and then hid it over at his parents house until Christmas. Yep, he's a keeper!

Can you tell I have a thing for flowers? In the spring/summer I like to put fresh flowers out, but during the winter these make a nice substitute.

Here's one last view of our bedroom from just in the doorway. The mirrored door on the left is to our closet. And I will not embarrass myself by posting picture of our closet.

Stay tuned for the details on the following projects from my bedroom make-over....

I almost forgot the Before & After! A make-over isn't complete without a before & after photo....

I'm pretty pleased with how our room turned out, especially the stenciled wall and my silver leaf cabinet. Two things that I have never tried before. So don't be afraid to try something new, you just might surprise yourself!


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  1. Stunning, Jen! I am so impressed. Your room looks like something out of a design magazine. Just gorgeous!

  2. Jenny, I have seen it in real life and it looks even better!! all your projects turned out beautifully, you should be proud of all your handiwork! And you hand sewed the slip covers?? Great job <3

  3. ok Jenny, this bedroom has put the butter on the toast! LOVE it all!! So the damask stencil you painted only the blue color? It looks professionally done, you could freelance....just sayin'
    Can't wait to read the tutorials to come. Thanks for your inspiring ideas and good taste!

  4. Grandma's chairs look great! You really need to come down and help me out!!!! MY DIY skills are so far limited to tie-dyed shopping bags. Love you!!!!

  5. Absolutely stunning, Jenny! The stenciling is fantastic. You never seize to amaze me with your natural craftiness and vision.

  6. Thank you all for the sweet comments!

    Narda - Butter on the toast.Ha! I like it! The walls are blue and I applied the stencil with a pearl metallic paint for a soft look.

    Aunti Micki - one of these weekends Jim and I will have to come for a visit and we can play!

  7. Great job!! So beautiful. I especially love love the little turquoise lamp you painted with the FABULOUS ruffly shade. Too impressive!

    How hard was the stencil? I'm wanting to do something very similar in my powder room...very small so should be easy, right?

    Okay girl, do you sell Stella & Dot, or just really love it? I have all those earrings. :-)

  8. Lauren, thanks! I'll be posting a DIY on the ruffle shade (altho you could probably figure out how to make it), and I plan to post the DIY on the stencil next week. It was actually pretty easy once I got a few stencils painted on the wall and figured out the pattern. I LOVE how it turned out. A lot of impact for very little $$.

    I wish I sold Stella & Dot! Altho, that could be trouble. My girlfriend sells it, so I support her, as any good girlfriend would :-)


    Love the silver jewelry wardrobe and all the flowers!!!!!!!!

    that is all

  10. Awesome Jenny. I would so love to have stuff out in my house (and things like flowers) but my oldest kitten is still in the "jump up and knock things off stage:.

    When are you coming to redo my house??? :)

  11. OMG!! OMG!!! Jenny, you are amazing! That stenciled wall is unbelievable - you did a perfect job! And your whole room is just the cat's meow. I really like how everything has meaning or memories or a personal story behind it - that's what makes a home really rich. And yours is so obviously rich with love. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us all!!!

  12. Hello Jenny! Let me just tell you that your bedroom is beautiful!! You did an amazing job on all your projects. I so appreciate that you used the Fabric Damask stencil (SO amazingly) from my Royal Design Studio collection and am looking forward to seeing more details about your stenciled wall. The colors you chose were scrumptious! You're a natural! :)

  13. Melanie Royals, my jaw about dropped when I saw your comment on my blog! I absolutely LOVE your Fabric Damask stencil. I want to use it in every room in the house, but am afraid it might be a little overboard. Thank you so much for stopping by. You seriously made my day!

  14. Hi Jenny,

    Ok, I now officially hate my bedroom. You've created such an oasis in your own home, like a 5-star hotel (not that I would know what the inside of one of those look like). Because of you, I want a new bedroom and possibly a new husband......just kidding!

  15. Oh, Klatterscrap! I have to tell you that your comment made me laugh. I say make-over the bedroom and keep the husband. Unless he needs a make-over too ;)


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