Friday, September 9, 2011

Etsy Finds 9.9.11

1. Gone Crazy. Be Back Soon. - This has been my work week. I'm so glad it's Friday.
2. Orange Nylon Bag - I normally just "window shop" my Etsy Finds, but this bag I purchased. It's the perfect bag for our upcoming weekend getaway to Mendocino at the end of September.
3. Cabernet Scarf - Eternity scarves are my new favorite scarves. And this cabernet one is so rich and yummy.
4. Vintage Christian Dior Orange Boots - If these puppies were a size 9, I might've had to get them to go with my new bag.
5. Convertible Skirt/Dress - It's a skirt. No wait, it's a dress. Love!
6. Triangle Hoop Earrings - These are fun and different. I like different.

Ahhh, did I already say how glad I am it's Friday?? These last few weeks at work have been hectic, but this week has been especially so. The beginning of the school year is always a little crazy, but this year has been ridiculously, over the top crazy. But it's Friday! Yay! No big plans for the weekend. The hubby is working both days, so I plan to lay low at home and recharge my batteries.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!



  1. Jen, love the orange bag! But then you know I like orange! My weekend is gonna be laid back too! Since I don't have to do everything on the weekend to get ready for Monday ;-)

  2. After the week I've had, I like the "Gone Crazy" sign! Hope you're feeling well!

  3. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me ;-) Love the first item - I need something like this for a good reason!!! Ha! Enjoy your weekend xo


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