Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pregnancy Update

I'm just a little over 6 months along now, and 25 lbs heavier.
I will take 25 lbs over 60 or 80.
I am still not used to my new fuller face.
I am enjoying the rounder belly, but not the rounder face.
I suppose that makes me vain.
I have come to the harsh realization that not a lot of stores carry maternity wear.
But I am doing my best to look cute and fashionable while pregnant.
I love watching my belly grow, bigger and bigger. It's a beautiful thing!
I feel our little girl move around constantly. She's an active one.
We have a named picked out. Isabel Dorothy.
After my husband's grandma (Isabel) and my grandma (Dorothy), who both passed away several years ago.
I know that they would have loved meeting their great-granddaughter.
I have tried to go off Prednisone 3 times now (3 months, 4 months and 6 months)
but every time my Hyperemesis kicks in full gear and I get horribly sick.
Like puke my guts out 7 times in 12 hours sick.
So I am resigned to staying on Prednisone for the rest of my pregnancy.
Which is no harm to the baby.
It would just be nice to know that I was rid of my Hyperemesis
at 6 months...or 7 months...without the aid of steroids.
But again, I am SO THANKFUL that there is something I can take to keep my Hyperemesis at bay.
The crib arrived the other day and the hubster and I plan on assembling it this weekend.
I can't wait to dress the crib up with the bedding I got from Target.
I have also started the hoop art project for above the crib. I will post pictures once it's all up.
We also ordered the glider and ottoman,which take 8-12 weeks to make.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed they arrive before the baby does!
So the nursery is slowly taking shape. And I am getting bigger by the day.
I promise to share pictures as the nursery comes together.



  1. Jenny, you look amazing! And 25lbs is awesome! A little girl...girls are the best..and I love the name!! Congrats again to you...I miss being pregnant so right now I'm living vicariously through you!! Enjoy it while it lasts!

  2. Jenny, love the name! So sweet to name her after your G-ma's. Can't wait to see the room! And you look great! Your face will thin out after the baby :) Pregnancy does a lot of changes on our bodies. But so worth it in the end when Isabel arrives!!!!

  3. You look wonderful! And what a beautiful name you've picked. I look forward to seeing the nursery. I hope you continue to feel well.

  4. You look awesome!! I'm the one that gained 60lbs. :-( My face looked like the Mask (Stoltz, not Carrey).

    Enjoy!! It's about to be Christmas every day at your house.

  5. Jenny you look great and happy! I love the name you picked and your reasoning behind it. I'm looking forward to the nursery pics.

  6. Wonderful name and you look gorgeous....I am looking forward to seeing what fantastic decorating ideas you come up with for Isabel's room.

    I am so happy there is medication that doesn't bother you too much and keeps you from being ill....the wonders of modern medicine.

    xo, A

  7. Jenny - you look great! Love the names and where they came from, we chose family names too and I love it!!

    Can't wait to see her room as it all comes together!

    Email me re: BB when you get a chance! :)

  8. You are beautiful!
    Glad you're cherishing this special time.

  9. You look stunning! What a gorgeous name for your little one. I love family names. :-)
    And, I second all the other comments -- can't wait to see the nursery! Oh - this is SUCH an exciting time.

  10. You are the cutest pregnant lady around! And, there is no one more deserving than you to be a mom. What a lucky baby!


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