Sunday, March 27, 2011

Door, Meet Tres Chic!

I have been itching to paint the interior of our front door something other than the tired oak stain that it has been wearing for the last 10 years. The exterior side is a fun, beautiful RED. Which I love and will never paint over. I had thought about painting the inside the same shade of red, but figured that might be a bit much, even for me.  

Our door isn't real wood, so I don't feel bad painting it. In fact, if I absolutely hate the paint, I can strip it and re-stain the door to look like wood again. The door is made out of hardy fiberglass, which handles well against the elements, from the beating summer sun, to the wet winter, and most importantly, my dog Molly who insists on pawing at the outside of the door when she wants to be let in. Lucky for her she's cute, and the door is fiberglass!

Here's a picture of the little rascal waiting for the door to magically open...

I had taken a few "before" pictures prior to painting, however, it wasn't until I stopped to take a picture of my progress that it dawned on me that my SLR camera did not have a memory card in it. This is not the first time this has happened to me. And I still don't understand why my smart SLR camera would even allow me to "take" photos without a memory card. Personally, an idiot light or beeping noise would be very helpful!

So here is a progress photo. You can see on the one sidelight the door color before I began covering it with Glidden's Black Onyx paint.

And here is the door after two coats of paint. Tres chic!

Now I just need to find a new rug to go with our new door!



  1. so you stay home for a not going anywhere weekend and finish 2 great DIY projects! Oh Jenny you rock!!

  2. I know you've been meaning to tackle this project for a long time. It looks great! The black really brings out the pattern in your windows.

  3. That looks fantastic!
    I have alwaya been scared of black paint but obviously, when used properly, it is very dramatic.

  4. Wow! I really like that a lot. Chic indeed!

  5. I like lots! I was not nearly as ambitious as you on Sunday!!!

  6. Too funny!! Great minds think front doors with no 'before'. :-))

    Love it!!


  7. Magnifique!!!!!! Bravo to you for doing something on our gloomy Sunday!
    I also hibernated and caught up on movies this weekend, after a grueling "spring break" where just about all our plans were cancelled due to weather and power outages. Loving the sun today!

  8. WOW...I LOVE the finished look!! So beautiful Jenny...great job!

  9. Thanks everyone! I really like how it turned out. It makes more of a statement now. Like, "hey, look at me" ;)


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