Friday, March 11, 2011

I Have A Confession

I have O.C.D.
Obsessive.Compulsive.Decorating Syndrome.
And home décor blogs seem to aggravate it even more.

For example I saw this pantry make-over and just HAD to paint my utility closet a similar color!

Honey & Fitz
And then just the other day I stumbled upon this aqualicious laundry room
And suddenly my red laundry room is screaming at me that it wants to be aqua.

Cameras and Chaos

And this yellow chair! Isn't it cheery?? I’m currently painting my bar stools cream, which is a pain in the butt by the way, but this yellow chair keeps popping up in the back of my mind. The cream may very well be a primer coat.

Yellow Chair
And lately I’ve been obsessed with white kitchens. But I don’t think Jim will let me paint our custom maple kitchen cabinets white.  Yet.

for the love of a house

With my O.C.D.....I’m not sure having my own home décor blog
is such a smart idea.

Not that that is going to deter me one bit.


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  1. Somehow I can't see your hubby going for white cabinets :) I have white cabinets and they are pretty but do show the dirt! I think the aqua would look pretty in the utility room. Open it up and let in some light!


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