Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Home Collage

In addition to painting everything that doesn't move in my house, I also like to scrapbook and make crafts in my spare time. I haven't touched my craft supplies in several months (too busy painting!), but I've been itching to make something. 

I had been thinking of re-doing the Home collage that hangs in our entry hall. I liked the general design, but was bored with the colors. 

Here's a picture of the first design...

I wanted the colors to be more vibrant. So last weekend I got to work on taking it apart.

I am not a "neat" crafter as you can tell by the look of our kitchen table. I tend to spread out and keep spreading out and keep spreading out...

Here is the re-designed and more colorful collage...

Close-up of the top...


and bottom...

And here's the collage hanging in our entry hall. I have several more collages that I change out for the various holidays and seasons. And I'll showcase those on my blog as I change the collages out.

If you are interested in making a collage of your own, all you need is a window box frame (I purchased my frame at Pottery Barn years ago, but I've seen a similar frames at Michael's Crafts and Target), some pretty papers, embellishments, adhesive and your imagination!



  1. I like the new version. And who carried all that stuff back upstairs? ;)

  2. that is adorable...I want to make one!!!

    I don't know if I can, I am not crafty at all


    that is all

  3. Berta, well, it certainly wasn't my husband that carried all that stuff back upstairs! LOL.

    PBJ, you should! It doesn't hurt to try.

  4. LOVE it! Especially the clouds and that super cute clock. What an easy way to "remodel" your "house"!!!!

  5. Remodel! LOL. I love it! Why didn't I think of that??

  6. Jenny,

    Wow, I just found your blog and you are so talented!! Just the first few posts I looked at inspired me to get my stuff out and start creating! I am enjoying looking through all of your posts.

    No wonder you got the blog award. You deserve it!


  7. Vikki,
    Thanks so much for stopping by! You're so sweet. I still can't stop thinking about your bedroom make-over. It turned out beautifully!



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