Monday, June 13, 2011

Craft Room Reveal

On Sunday, my friend Adrienne came over and played in my craft room for a bit. It was fun showing her the ropes and tools in paper crafts. She made two very cute projects which should be up on her blog soon. While my craft room was still clean, I thought I better take some photos and post them. Because my room does not stay clean for long, especially when I am in a creative frenzy. As long as it takes me put everything away and clean up my craft room, it takes me a split second to mess it up again.

When I first started to scrapbook, ALL my supplies fit neatly into a small rolling case. A year went by and I setup a small desk in the corner of our office and called it my craft space. And now 10 years later my craft space has evolved into an entire room. It's my happy place, where I create and play and make pretty things :)

This is as you enter my craft room from the doorway. The L shaped desk is comprised of 3 desks and offers lots of space to spread out and make a mess on. Most of the white furniture (the 3 desks, 2 small bookcases on desks, large bookcase, 2 rolling credenzas) I scored for FREE from a former job. All the furniture probably cost around $1000 and I got it for free!

Here's a picture from the back of the room looking out towards the window on the front of our house. The walls are painted a soft, shabby shic pink.

Lots of natural sunlight to create by.

The left side of my desk, where I keep my favorite stamps organized in cute basket.

My Copic markers are within an arms reach in a cute little wire holder that spins. Display + cuteness = bonus!

At the center of my desk sits my "tool caddy". Actually this used to be an old garden tool caddy that was sitting out in our garage collecting dust, that is until I covered it in scrapbook paper and gave it a new purpose. I keep all my essential tools and supplies, like scissors, adhesive, pens etc. in my handy dandy tool caddy. I can just grab it and go when scrapbooking over at a friend's house.

On the far right of my desk sits a spinner rack that holds my ink pads for stamping.

Across from my desk and behind the door, stands two bookcases I got from Target, which holds my scrapbook paper, punches, ribbon, kits, and stamps. The shelf/bulletin board unit I got from Pottery Barn years ago.

More pretty baskets. I spray painted the pink one, it used to be cream. And I tied some fake roses on the baskets for an added touch of pretty.

I keep my scrapbook paper organized in upright file holders by manufacturer and theme. Half of scrapbooking is staying organized.

I wish I could brag that I made these Chinese lanterns, but they were left over from a Chinese New Years Party we had last year, and I thought they would look pretty hanging up in my craft room.

I found this pretty wire card holder while in Oregon on craft weekend with my friends Berta and Lou. It's perfect for displaying handmade cards from friends.

At the very end of my desk, towards the back of the room, sits a tall bookcase with those clear 3 drawers you find at Office Depot or Target, except I covered the drawer fronts in my favorite fabric and spray painted some white. Covering the drawers solved the problem of the visual clutter. I hung some wire baskets on the wall to hold some of my favorite idea books.

Here's a close-up of the fabric covered drawer fronts. I cut a piece of chipboard the height and width of the drawer front, sprayed the chipboard with spray adhesive and covered it with fabric, and then used adhesive to attach the the fabric covered chipboard to the drawer front. An easy and pretty solution to hiding the clutter inside!

I keep the majority of my acrylic stamps organized in these 6 canvas bins, and they are bursting at the seems! I found the canvas bins at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Cookie jars from Target and Ikea used for storing more stamps.

Pretty things on display.

Flowers and buttons displayed in glass jars from Ikea and other stores.

This and That. I found this metal wall unit in an antique store in Santa Rosa. It's perfect for holding some of my favorite stamps.

A wire Eiffel Tower I found in an antique store, although I don't believe it's an antique.

Banners I made that hang above the window above my desk.

And that concludes the tour of my craft room. Thanks for stopping by :)



  1. Jenny,

    I am so glad you did this post about your incredible, beautiful, comfortable and very organized craft room. I think after yesterday I may have the craft bug. Uh oh!

    Thank you for spending a great day with me. I had a wonderful time! xo, A

  2. Jenny, come over to my house now and clean up my scrap room!!! Yours is so pretty!!! I am glad Adrienne had fun playing with you!!! I hope she does not find a cure for her "craft bug" :-)

  3. Jenny, I love, love, love your craft room. I started scrap booking after my first son was born 12 years ago. I used to pull out all my scrap stuff and put it on my dining room table, what a mess! I haven't scraped in a long time because I don't have dedicated space. I have an evil plan to turn our "man cave" into my craft room while my husband and boys are on a week long camping trip this summer. Your post inspired me to go for it!

  4. Jenny....Can I just say WOW! I am soooo very jealous of your craft room. It's a dream of mine! Maybe one day when my kids move out or we are able to buy a bigger house. It's absolutely beautiful!

  5. I'm with Berta, when are you coming to organize my scrap room? I'm sure I'd scrap more if I could find things...

  6. How cool is your room?!!! So many interesting components. It's a feast for the eyes! You've given me some great ideas - fabric over clear drawers, cookie jars to hold items and wire baskets on the walls. Wow!

  7. I cannot believe this must want to make something at all hours of the day and night. You have so much stuff, but all so beautifully organized. Oh to have a craft room...I'm so happy Adrienne sent me over!

  8. Laurie CornelssenJune 14, 2011 at 8:52 AM

    Hi Jenny,
    I loved looking at your craft room. I think it is the best I have ever seem. It makes me want to go in and finish my room now. Thanks so much for sharing your great craft room. Laurie

  9. Adrienne, I had such a fun time showing you the ropes! I jump at the chance to convert someone to crafting :)

    What's Her Bucket, I think turning the man cave into a craft room is an excellent idea! I say go for it! Besides, I bet you'd get more use out of it.

    Annie, thank you so much for stopping by! I do often want to create stuff at all hours of the day and love escaping to my room for a few hours.

    Berta and Mrs. L, If I come over to clean your rooms, do I get to keep what I find?

    Becca, I know how lucky I am to have my own craft room. I don't know what I would do if I had to give it up. I'd probably convert the sitting room in my craft room.

    Mrs. Stranded, Thanks. I don't know what I love more, crafting, or finding cute things to organize my craft supplies in.

  10. Laurie, thanks so much! I'm always inspired by looking at other craft rooms. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  11. Found you all the way from Spain via Adrienne.
    Wow! never seen a creative space look so beautifully organised. I'm really looking forward to reviewing your older posts and seeing more of your wonderful creations. Very envious, as I am not at all talented in the "crafting" department. Just wish I lived close enough to come over for a lesson also ;-)

  12. wow, I'm drooling! I wish I had a room of my own to craft I'm typing this my kitchen table is covered in glue gun glue and feathers, lol.
    Found you from Adrienne's blog, so glad I did!

  13. Vanessa, all the way from Spain! Wow. I wish I could hop on a plane and give you a lesson.

    Laura, glue gun and feathers. That's a visual. LOL. Whatever are you creating? Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Oh my gosh, I don't scrap and I'm not crafy but your room is totally AMAZING!! I mean, WOW. I could look at every inch of these pictures for hours. In awe.

    (thanks for saying hi on my site from baylor says; great to see yours, too!).

  15. I LOVE your room!!! I have an aclove area in my bedroom i use for beading. Will you come design & decorate mine?? :)

  16. LOVE your room! I need to get my workshop better organized, so you are inspiring me. I can so relate to how quick it is to get the space messy again... that is all me! And visual clutter does not make me feel creative. I had to pin your room to my inspiration board at Pinterest!!! Blessings!

  17. I love it all! But I especially love how the paint color on the wall seems to change colors with the different light through the day. That's such a pretty thing. :D

  18. Trish - I would love to! I will be right over ;)

    Terri - I am honored to inspire. Thanks for pinning me!

    Wende - the pink is so nice. I wanted something pretty and feminine and soft.

  19. Absolutely gorgeous, Jenny! I LOVE your creativity!

    (And I am incredibly jealous...someday I would like to have a sewing/craft room!)

  20. oh my goodness, it's so fun to see such an organized space! I found your blog from Adrienne's. love it! :)

  21. C'Anne - thank you. I feel pretty lucky to have my own craft room.

    Suzanna - thanks for hopping over from Adrienne's blog!

  22. Your space is so pretty and you've got lots of product which is makes it all the more fun to create! Please come on over and link up to my party going on now...

  23. Oh I have always wanted a nice L shaped desk like this!!! How lucky for you to get to bring it home! Love your room...found you through a Crafty Storage post!

  24. I love your room! I have been obsessively scour rooms on the internet because I just remodeled mine (or my husband did). No matter how I fix it I still feel like others' rooms look better. You have a wonderful knack of decorating, using unique objects and making it beautiful. Congrats!

  25. Your room is gorgeous and happy looking!! I love it!! Could you possibly tell me where you picked up that spinner that holds your Copics??? That is adorable!!


  26. I have never been to your blog before, I came here from Crafty Storage. I had to tell you, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your craft room. What great ideas!! Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

  27. I LOVE that This and That bin. So sweet!!

  28. Ooo!! I wanna get in there and play! My "craft room" is a big fat mess and no matter how hard I try to get it cleaned up, it usually always spills out into my family room into another big fat mess. This is inspiring because you do have a lot of supplies too!

  29. your craft room is great, a lot of really neat ideas. I love the wire card holder rack that you found on a crafting weekend. Do you have the name and address of the store???????

  30. Love your craft room! I hope someday I can have my very own room for all my sewing & scrap collection! Right now it takes up most of our master bedroom & a big corner of our living room! Complete w/Ikea desk & shelves & sewing table, etc! Love it!

  31. Oh so pretty!!! It's both organized but very expressive at the same time. I like how you surrounded yourself with some of your cutest projects! Well done!

  32. Your space is absolutely fantastic! Everything is so organized. I completely understand how difficult it is to keep it clean when creativity strikes! Do you mind sharing where you got the modular 5-drawer cubes that are in between the two small bookshelves on your desk? They're wonderful! Thanks!

  33. Wow! Thank you all for the kind comments on my craft room. Some of you have asked where I got some of the things in my room.

    Spinner that holds my Copic markers - I found this at a little gift shop called Gabby Girl in Valley Ford, CA. Unfortunately I believe she has closed.

    Wire Card holder found in Oregon - unfortunately I don't remember where I found this. It was in a little antique shop.

    Modular 5-drawer cubes in between the bookshelves on my desk - I purchased these at Ikea. They come plain wood and I painted them white.

  34. Awesome room!!I'm just doing mine now, I love the 5 drawer cubes from Ikea, can you tell me if they are fairly recent purchases? I want some so bad!! Ikea in Denver will be opening the end of this month so I'm holding off on my room to see if they have these. Thanks! Sue

  35. Sue - I purchased the Ikea drawers about 8 or so years ago. I can't find them on their website but they were in the office organization section of the store. They were plain wood and you have to assemble them. I think I had heard that they discontinued the 5 drawer unit but have a similar 3 drawer unit. Good luck with your craft room!

  36. I came here via crafty storage's blog. Wonderful room you have there!

    Where did you get your stamp pad holder?


  37. Jann - I have the link saved on my computer at work and will have to look it up when I get back on the 25th. She also makes stamp pad holders to fit Stamin' Up! ink pads.

  38. I love your craft room. I found your website from crafty storage's blog - via craft gossip! Your caddy for the copic markers - what do you think it was originally made for? I love using vintage items in my craft room and would like to find one-or something like that for my room.

  39. Badger - thanks for stopping by! I found the wire caddy that holds my copic markers in a little gift shop called Gabby Girl. She didn't have anything displayed in them in her store, but I thought they would be perfect for markers. Her store moved, but I think this is her facebook page:


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