Friday, June 17, 2011

Etsy Finds 6.17.11

1. Vintage Tray turned Chalk Board - Love this! I already have the chalk board paint, now I just need to find a vintage serving tray. 
2. Vintage Silverware Garden Markers - wouldn't these look whimsical in potted herbs on the kitchen windowsill?
3. Amethyst Potion Charm Necklace - I don't think I've ever seen amethyst this color before. I love the size of this necklace. 
4. Buttons and Burlap Love - I'm always on the lookout for ways to use up my collection of buttons.
5.Silver Leaf Earrings - I've been wanting this earrings for awhile now. I should get them. Don't you think?
6. Vintage Glass Covered Dish - I love dishes like this for storing jewelry, cotton balls in the bathroom, or crafty stuff in my craft room.

No big plans this weekend. I need to make 13 cards for a card swap that I signed up for which is due next weekend. So I will be spending some quality time in my craft room this weekend. And maybe catch a movie with the hubby. I'd like to see Super 8.  Any fun plans this weekend?



  1. I really like the glass covered dish. I keep hoping to find something like that at an estate sale. No real weekend plans yet other than dinner with friends. Good luck with your card making!

  2. I am eyeing those earring should buy them. I am always on the lookout for lightweight yet large earrings.

    Have a great weekend! No plans except Father's Day stuff for Bill and his dad.

    xo, A

  3. I love the burlap and button sign!! I have lots of those pretty little jars and old sugar & creamers for pretty storage.
    I will be cleaning and prepping for my family reunion next weekend and finishing my cards for the swap ;-)

  4. Jenny,

    I take back what I said about you buying the earrings. Please don't buy me on this :) xo, A

  5. ooh, those garden markers are a great find!

  6. Adrienne- LOL! Did you buy my earrings?? I knew I should have bought them before posting my finds. That's okay, I've seen that pair sold by several other Esty shops ;)

  7. Love that dish and love LOVE your Etsy Finds posts. I'm terrible at searching blindly...share your tips, your key words that work wonders!

    Oh and I TOTALLY accepted your blogger award with veiled humility. Thanks lady!

  8. You'll never believe it - I just got back from an estate sale...and they had a little covered crystal bowl like the one from Etsy! Not as pretty, but it was only $1.

  9. Lauren - I LOVED your 7 things! It was fun learning more about you. And you want to know my secret to finding new fun things on almost feels like cheating, but I search the Treasury Lists that other people have put together, that and my 'Suggested Shops'.

    Stranded - wow! Talk about the Universe listening and providing! How cool.

  10. I bought the ones you featured for YOU as a way to say thank you for doing crafts with me last weekend! I didn't hog them for myself....although I am buying another pair for moi (she had another one). I'll let you know when they arrive. Xo, A

  11. Adrienne, you are too sweet! You didn't have to do that. But thank you :)

  12. You are welcome...let's get together when they arrive!

  13. I actually happen to own a pair of the leafy earrings, and they are really great.


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