Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Flower Card & Award

Here is my card for my friend Berta's card swap. I made 13 cards. A card swap is where you make as many cards as people signed up for the swap. You usually have a month to make your cards, and of course I wait till the last minute every.single.time! The Swap is due on Saturday and I'm still working on my cards on Monday night. Anyhoo, after you finish making your cards, you mail/drop them off to the hostess, and she then swaps the cards back out from all 13 participants. You receive back 1 of your cards and 12 other cards. It's a fun way to collect beautifully handmade cards. Once I receive the swap back from Berta, I will post all the cards from the swap so you can ooh and ahhh.

I used the stamp set One of a Kind (Close To My Heart). The cards are to supposed to be blank (no sentiment) but I added a sentiment just for my blog readers :)

A close-up of the flowers. I hand stamped the flowers and cut them out and used foam squares to "pop" the flowers and give them dimension.

A side view where you can kinda see the flowers raised.

On another note, Vikki from My House, My Garden nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award before realizing I had already received the award from The Rich Life on A Budget. What a treat to be nominated for the same award in one week! Here is my original post from the award in case you missed it.  I want to thank Vikki for thinking of me. I found her blog while blog hopping one day and fell in love with her bedroom makeover. If I could make my bed over like hers, I would. Vikki has a beautiful house and family and is one of my favorite blogs to read.



  1. What a pretty card! And I very much like the sentiment. I can see the pop well and the dimension adds an interesting element. Looking forward to seeing your other 12 before you give them away. You will post them, won't you?

  2. Thanks for accepting the award AGAIN!! Must be nice to be so loved. :) Love reading your blog every day and just realized I did not have it on my blogroll. That's changing in about five minutes! Vikki

  3. Stranded - Thanks! I should have mentioned that I made 13 of the same card. It's just easier that way. But I will post the 12 other cards I receive back.

    Vikki - thank you for nominating me! I don't know what I deserved to be nominated twice in one week, but I feel like I should play the lotto! And thanks for adding me to your blogroll :)

  4. Pretty!!! Can't wait until all the cards arrive!

  5. ooh Jenny me "like" your card!! Can't wait to get them all back. You used a fun color combination!

  6. Pretty card. I like those stamps and the color scheme is so happy and summery!

    By the way, your new earrings arrived today...let's meet sometime soon! xo, A

  7. Heee...heee...I get a sneak preview at your card. I'm still finishing mine, too. :-)

  8. Adrienne - I will send you a message on FB!

    Berta, Narda, Lara - thanks! I can't wait to see your cards :)

  9. Sidetracked Artist - thanks! And thanks for visiting my blog :)


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