Thursday, June 9, 2011

DIY: Faux Flower Arrangement

Here's the last in the series of DIY projects from my bedroom make-over.
This project is super simple.
No crafty skills needed, I promise!


Base (vase, candle holder, urn, even a rinse cup from the bathroom section of Target)
Realistic fake flower bouquet
Styrofoam ball that fits inside your base
Glue gun -but not required

I like to purchase a flower bouquet with a lot of flowers on it and one that has both large and small rose buds.

Next, using scissors or a wire cutter, clip several flowers off just at the base, leaving a small stem.

My base is actually a rinse cup that I found in the bathroom section of Target. Candle holders make great bases too.

Styrofoam balls come in all sizes and can be purchased from Michael's, JoAnne's or your local craft store.

I chose to just place my styrofoam ball inside my base and not glue it in with a glue gun. Depending on how well your styrofoam ball fits in your base, you may want to secure it with some glue. I then started at the top center of the ball and stuck the stem of each flower into the styrofoam, working my way around until the ball was filled in.

Easy Peasy!

Here are some other flower arrangements I have made...

These faux flower arrangements are a fun way to dress up a shelf, dresser, or bathroom, with flowers that never wilt. And they are also easy to clean, just blow them with your hair dryer.



  1. I've always wondered how to do this! I stupidly try to wrap rubber bands around the stems to hold them together, and it never really looks good. But thanks to you, Jenny, the mystery is solved!!!!

  2. Very pretty. And even I can do this project (this is about my skill level, just so you know).

  3. That seems simple enough to do and looks very pretty. I've always wondered how to get that look. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ha...I was going to ask how you kept them clean. Great tip!

  5. Aha! I can do this! Except I'll have to hot glue the ball into the vase...something about cats liking to knock things around....


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