Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Collage

Today I took down my Spring Collage and put out my Summer Collage. I figured that maybe if I put my Summer Collage out, that maybe, just maybe Summer will pay us a visit here in Northern California. As I type this post, we currently have a fire burning in the fireplace...and that's just wrong!

close up of the top:



Come on Summer!



  1. So creative! Did you make each of the individual components?

  2. Very creative and beautifully done!
    Did you and Jim really have your first date in 1993?

  3. Thanks ladies!

    Adrienne, we did. This July, we will have been together 18 years. And we go to the Sonoma County fair every year and relive our first date. Sappy, I know :)

    Mrs. Stranded, I made each square, and the components were made from stamps, covered chipboard, and other fun stuff in my scrapbooking stash. I have a collage for each season and will post them on my blog as I put them out.

  4. Jen, I have not done the summer season, thanks for posting yours for some inspiration! Plus I hope it does make the rain go away!!!

  5. Very cute Jenny! I put my summer collage up too last week, but so far the weather hasn't improved much...
    I really like how you used many aspects of summer, ie 4th of July, camping, sunshine, and the fair "date". You have a fun knack with creating papercrafts that flow beautifully.

  6. So cute and fresh! I LOVE the colors.
    Oops, I just noticed that I still have my spring collage up. Well, duh, that's cuz it doesn't feel like summer yet!?!?!?
    So now you've gone and done it again, Jenny - you've inspired me to do a summer collage! Stay tuned...


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