Friday, June 24, 2011

Etsy Finds 6.24.11

1. Sterling Silver Necklace -  I just love the layers and how this necklace drapes. So pretty!
2. Avocado Chalk Board  - My favorite color in a fun chalk board. This would look cute in a kitchen.
3. Vintage Red Wire Trays - There's just something about wire trays that makes organizing your office fun.
4. Hammock - Now that summer is here, I've been spending some quality time in our hammock. I love the detailing on this hammock. And the price isn't bad either!
5. Bright Green Floral Tote - I am drawn to this shade of green like a moth is to a light. I love the bright pink roses on this bag. This would make a fun summer tote.
6. Aqua Desk - I love the color and lines of this desk. I could picture myself sitting at this desk typing away on my laptop.

No exciting plans for me this weekend. Jim works both Saturday and Sunday, so I will most likely putter around the house, and maybe take some pictures of the master bath or family room for my next room reveal next week. Wishing you all a Fabulous weekend and Friday! :)



  1. Love the hammock! Since we currently reside on the surface of the sun, I'll need to revisit this in the winter when we can venture outside. Great picks per usual! Enjoy your puttering.

  2. Mr. Stranded in working this weekend too, so I'm going to hit up the outlets in Columbus! I hope they're having some good sales! Enjoy the weekend. Looking forward to your room reveals!

  3. So ready for the hammock! Great finds.

  4. Salut Jenny, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, I really appreciate it. Sorry it took a bit longer to get back to you, life does sometimes get in the way of blogging ;-)

    Your etsy finds are fantastic and I really like them all. London is very hot this weekend and that seems to make everybody just wanting to "putter round"... Have a good Sunday evening xo

  5. Jenny, I love those red wire bins!!! If only I had a place to put them!!!

  6. I came across your blog via Stranded in Cleveland. It's fabulous! Happy to be a new follower. You can find me over at Coffee & Cabernet. Hope you'll stop by sometime! :-)

  7. Mademoiselle Poirot - thanks for visiting my blog! Your blog is so lovely.

    Sarah - thanks for stopping by via Stranded in Cleveland. I will definitely be checking out your blog, especially since it is named after two of my favorite things!


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