Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Christmas in August

Hello. My name is Jenny and I am a freak who insists on making handmade Christmas cards every year. You're probably thinking that doesn't sounds that terrible. That is until you hear how many cards I actually make.by.hand.
We're talking in the ballpark of 150+ cards.
Go ahead, call me a freak. I have earned that name.

It all started innocently back in 2003. I thought to myself, "I'll make my own Christmas cards this year. Won't that be fun and save me a TON of $$". Flash forward to 2011 and I am still making my own Christmas cards, because I can't seem to stop. And I'm afraid if I sent out store bought cards, everyone on my Christmas list would call me a fake, or worse. 

Why is the number of cards I make so high, you ask? Well, because my husband is a fire captain, and every year we receive cards from almost everyone in the fire department. So it's really all my husband's fault.

And because I need to make 150+ cards, I have to get started on them in the Summer, when most people haven't even begun to think about Christmas.

Anyways, I came up with my design for our Christmas card this weekend. One for family and friends, which is a little more detailed. And then one for the fire department, which is a little easier to mass produce. I have to confess that they both are SUPER CUTE! But I can't show them to you yet, because I don't want to ruin the surprise in case anyone on my Christmas card list also reads my blog. So instead I will show you a few of my cards from Christmases past.

The card that started it all. The base and photo were computer generated.

2003 Family & Friend Card. The snowman was made from a technique called quilling.

The snowman was stamped and the glitter square frame was heat embossed. The Joy was a die-cut.
This card consisted entirely of stamps. A lot of stamping went into this card!

The snowman was stamped and then colored in with markers. The red strip was embossed.

The snow flake and dot border were stamped, as was the Joy. A tiny jewel was placed in the center of the snowflake.

2010 Christmas card. The reindeer, snowflake border and greeting were all stamped. And a bit of red glitter was placed on Rudolph's red nose.

My apologies if this post now has you now thinking about Christmas. In August!



  1. Jenny, all the cards are lovely! And I have seen you in card making production! My handmade cards will be super easy this year! I will just send the ones I made last year, but never sent out ;p
    (Hanging head in shame!)

  2. Ohhh I used to be SO into making cards.... I still have an obscene amount of stamping up stuff that might just have to be brought out to make some christmas cards this year! You have inspired me! I always make my cards but they are usually rushed...you would think I could plan ahead a bit more! :o) Thanks for the great inspiration!

  3. All of those cards are just beautiful. I know your family and friends must appreciate the effort that goes into making them.

  4. Berta, that's right! I forgot I never received your card last year. Well you can help me make mine this year if you want ;)

    Jaimie, I definitely think you should bring our your stash and make some Christmas cards this year!

    Grammy, thank you. I know most people most likely toss them after Christmas is over, but I know quite a few that save mine and all the handmade cards they receive. And that makes it all worth it!


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