Friday, August 12, 2011

Etsy Finds 8.12.11

1. Sea Urchin Necklace - My mom gave me the teeniest, tiniest white sea urchin that she found at the beach. I might try and make it into a necklace like these. 
2.Turquoise Rotary Phone - Digging the color of this phone. Me want!
3. Classic Turquoise Hard Shell Suite Case - It could be that I'm just obsessed with this color right now, but I love this suite case.
4. Turquoise Bead Earrings - Yep, I'm obsessed with this color. But aren't these earrings pretty?
5. Paper Roses - Love these. Notice the hint of turquoise?
6. Scarf - I realize it's still summer, but doesn't this scarf look warm and cozy? 

I plan to be a homebody this weekend. Do a little de-cluttering, and cleaning of course, because my husband has still not hired that maid I'm been asking for.

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend! :)



  1. Jenny, I don't think that hubby will hire a maid. Especially since he has already hired the cook! ;-)
    I love the roses and the jewelry!!!

  2. Darling picks! You're an Etsy wiz.

    The best gift you could give yourself when the baby gets here is at LEAST 2 months of cleaning help. Seriously, better than jewelry (although you should get the jewelry too, of course).

  3. I love your Etsy find posts! (As if I'm not addicted enough, right?!?!?) It's amazing how much time I spend in there and, yet, I've never seen any of these amazing items. Thanks!

  4. Jenny funny that the pretty blue is your hot color now and you're expecting a girl! :) The sea urchin necklaces are very unique and cute!


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