Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wedding Card & A Family Wedding

On Saturday, we attended the wedding of my little cousin, Joylani. I still remember the day my Aunt Gail brought her home from the hospital. I was in love the first time I laid eyes on her. I used to spend summers at my aunt's and would often babysit Joylani. We'd play dress up, bake cookies, build forts. I can't believe my little cousin grew up when I wasn't looking! But I am so proud of the beautiful woman she has become.

Here is the card I made for her wedding. It has sort of become my "go to" design for weddings. It's simple, elegant and quick to make. The roses are made with an embossing folder from Stampin Up!

And here's just a few photos from the wedding...

Husband and Wife!

Two of my favorite aunts. My Aunt Gail (mother of the bride) and Aunt Debbie.

Grandpa Richard and Grandma Joy said a blessing before the dinner. Grandpa Richard married Jim and I 15 years ago.

The first dance.
The wedding cake looked like roses. It was so life like!

It was a beautiful night and wedding!

I wish Joylani a lifetime of love and happiness.



  1. Jenny, such a pretty card! And a fabulous cake! Were the petals real??

  2. What a beautiful wedding. That cake is incredible. And your card is elegant and so special. You won't have to worry that she gets a duplicate of your heartfelt card.

  3. Berta - I think the petals were made of frosting. But then again, I'm not sure, because they served another cake. This on was more for show. But it sure was pretty!

  4. Gorgeous card - it matches the cake, which looks divine!

  5. Gorgeous card and gorgeous wedding!


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