Friday, August 5, 2011

Etsy Finds 8.5.11

1.Monkey Knit Hat - I just think this is the sweetest little hat! 
2. Bird Felt Pillow Cover - Love the two little red birds. Love birds. I could probably make this but might want to pull my hair out after the 10th bird or so.
3. LOVE Print - I am thinking of getting this print for the nursery, along with another print by the artist.
4. Colette Earrings - I love the color combo of these earrings. They remind me of summer.
5. Mama Ring - cute :)
6. Shut The Front Door - I am guilty of saying this. I just can't help myself. It makes me laugh.

Today my husband and I are making our annual trip to the Sonoma County Fair. It's where we had our first date 18 years ago. I have already decided on what I am going to eat. A CORN DOG! And maybe an ice cream cone :) Afterwards we plan to catch a movie. I want to see the new Steve Carrell movie - Crazy, Stupid, Love. And then Saturday my little cousin is getting married. And Sunday I plan to stay home and do nothing, except maybe nap!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!



  1. Good thing I am on a spending freeze or I'd be buying those earrings. They are so cute!

    Have fun at the fair - enjoy your corndog and your weekend! xo

  2. CORN DOG!! We are big fans in my house...I think it's the only reason we go to the fair. And don't be wasting your money on the 'regular' ones, go jumbo or go home.

    Shut the Front Door...I started to say this once at a Christian school luncheon and felt it might not be appropriate so it came out "Shut the Ffff..." I think that was worse, right?

  3. that sign is perfection. :-) thanks for sharing your finds!!

  4. I used to live in Santa Rosa, but now live in Wake Forest NC. LOVE the Sonoma County Fair. Miss the horse races. Have a great time and make sure to get two ice creams from Clo (one for me).

  5. Adrienne, I should be on a spending freeze, but the earring sure are pretty!

    Lauren, I debated between the the regular and jumbo corn dog for, oh, all of 2 seconds. Jumbo dog it was! Yeah, Shut the Fff might be worse. LOL.

    Sarah, I know, I'm digging that sign. It would look kinda cute hanging near the front door.

    Cyndi, small world! I've lived in Sonoma Co most my life, as has my husband. I forgot all about the free Co ice creams when I ordered my soft freeze ice cream cone. Half chocolate, half vanilla.


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