Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nursery Picks

I've been scouring the internet and blogosphere for ideas for the nursery. The internet is a lovely thing! There are endless, beautiful nurseries out there. So many inspiring spaces. Here is a peek at what ideas and pieces I have chosen for the nursery...

1. This IS the crib I am ordering. The Bratt Decor Venetian Iron Crib from Pottery Barn. I love the classic, antique look of this crib. It's going to look perfect in the nursery!

2. After looking at all kinds of rockers and gliders, I think I have settled on one that looks more like a chair and that I can eventually move into another part of the house. Jim and I plan to try some out in the stores, and if I can't find one I like, then we'll purchase this one from Pottery Barn, even though it is a little more than we want to spend.

3. I just ordered this 3-pc Simply Shabby Shic Cherry Blossom Crib set from Target. It includes a bumper, sheet, and skirt.

Here's a better picture of the pattern on the bumper. I also ordered this quilt.

4. Fabric embroidery hoops for above the crib. I am making these for sure! I just need to find the right pieces of fabric.

5.  Pom-poms. I found a tutorial on how to make the ones picture below. I will be making these in shades of pink and maybe cream or yellow. They will hang above either the crib, glider or dresser.

6. We have a small, deep bookcase that Jim built when he was in high school that I plan to paint pink and convert to a changing table like the pink cabinet below.

7. And I WILL find a wall for shelves like these. Floor to ceiling. Love them!

I am also on the hunt for a chandilier for the nursery and I plan to make some curtains, even though me and my sewing machine have a hate/love relationship. 

I will try and post photos of the nursery as it comes together. As well as any projects I make.



  1. So many cute ideas! I can't wait to watch the baby climb up those book shelves from floor to ceiling - now THAT will be fun! ;-)

  2. Can't wait to see it all!!! (hopefully you won't get a climber, mine isn't!) Pinterest has so many cute ideas!!!

  3. wow! you have so many gorgeous items picked out!! I definitely was not that organized --- though interior design is not my thing. I just knew I wanted bright pink walls. :) CONGRATS!!

  4. I love everything you have picked! I have been waiting for this post! And if you have any sewing issues, you know I am only just down the road. And I will have lots of free time after the 9th ;-)

  5. I had to add... love you are repurposing the bookcase Jim built! My babies changing table is repurposed and now in my scraproom :)

  6. So exciting! I can't wait to see how it all comes along. Are you converting the spare room across from your craft room?
    That little girl of yours is going to have the prettiest nursery in all of Sonoma county, California even. xo

  7. I absolutely LOVED preparing G's nursery! It was (and still is) my favorite of all the rooms I've decorated. I have to say, you guys are making a VERY wise call on choosing a comfy (more expensive) glider. That was one area where we tried to save a little bit of money and it proved to be a big mistake! It took G a long time to sleep through the night -- we're still sort of working on it -- so I spent many hours in his rocker. I would have given anything for one of those deep, soft chairs like you've chosen. Smart, smart choice. And the pom poms and embroidery hoops - they are too cute. I've seen some examples where the child's name has been cut out of fabric and one letter is sewn/ironed on to each embroidery hoop. So, so many wonderful ideas. Have fun!!

  8. Seriously, you should submit this room to a shelter mag - it's going to be fab-o! So sweet and feminine, yet practical and comfy. No detail left undone.

    I love the bookshelves - so great visually, but also a wonderful way to encourage and highlight reading. Are the pompoms going to be a mobile?
    And I had to laugh about Jim's high school project being re-purposed - I have a couple of those here, from both my DH's and my son's wood shop days! So much more meaningful than buying something new. Plus, its "green"!

  9. This will be an oh so lovely nursery....mmmm!

  10. I love all of your picks! This nursury is going to be absolutely stunning!! I can't wait to see it come together.

  11. Jenny, What lovely things you've selected. Jeff built the changing table we used for both kids and I use it to store scrap crap in now. I love the crib you've picked. How exciting to create your baby's room!!

  12. Your nursery is going to be so beautiful. I love the idea of making a bookshelf into a changing table...the idea of re-purposing things for so many reasons and it's practical.

    I love the ledges to display books. I used to have a much smaller version in our playroom and would display books seasonally...right now I would be getting out all the back to school and fall books. Makes me miss those days.



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