Friday, April 1, 2011

A Day of Inspiration

Tomorrow I'm getting together with some crafty girlfriends for a day of crafts and inspiration. I can't wait! Nothing beats a room full of friends who all share the same passion. I truly cherish my artsy, crafty friends!

In preparation for tomorrow, I picked up the latest Somerset Life.

It's packed full of eye candy! Here's just a sampling of some of the projects inside. I wish they had more online to show you.
Hey look! It's a tag made for me!

I don't know yet what all I will work on.  Maybe....

make some cards
scrapbook some pictures
copy something out of Somerset Life

 maybe I'll finally get around to making this...

I DO plan to get started on this.....

I hope I don't gab the whole day away! I've been known to only get one thing finished on some of these crafty get togethers. And when my husband asks me what I made, and I show him my one thing, he asks me "that's all?"   Yep. That's all. But then I remind him that art is not a race.  Thank goodness! Because I'd almost always come in last.

Happy Friday! I hope you are able to do something inspiring this weekend :)



  1. Jen, I was so glad to have you come and craft with us yesterday! And you did get more than one thing done! A great scrapbook page and a great letter "f".

  2. Jenny, did you finish the quote sign? That's quite a project. Your heritage layout as always looked beautiful and the button "F" was poppin'!

  3. Berta, thanks for hosting a crafty day! I was happy to get at least two things finished and got the layout of my sign figured out.

    Narda, I didn't finish my sign (or get started really), but I did figure out the sizes and spacing of the letters. I'm hoping to work on it this week.


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