Friday, April 29, 2011

Etsy Finds

1. Love Pillow - I love the aqua fabric and script felt on this pillow. Love.
2. Keep Calm and Carry On - I've always loved this British motto. I have it hanging in my office cubicle, and am thinking of making one for home. I like how they printed this one fabric.
3. 40 Reasons Why I Love You - this would make the sweetest gift for your honey on Valentines Day, anniversary, birthday, or just because.
4. Fun in the Sun - I love the look and feel of this print. Can't wait for summer and the fair to get here!
5. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser - this would look cute in the kitchen or bathroom.
6. Vintage Paper Garland -  yet another reason to tear out the pages from an old book.

Tomorrow I get to surround myself with craftiness! I'm attending my friend Tiffani's fundraiser crop (crafty term for gathering) at the school she teaches at, which allows me to a) be crafty and visit with my crafty friends, and b) help raise money for Tiffani's school. It's a win win!

Happy Friday :)



  1. Have fun being crafty, you crafty girl.

    I think that soap dispenser is super cute.

    We are trying to get to the coast for the weekend, but the RV is being a pain in the arse - may have to look for new weekend plans :(

  2. Love all your choices.

    I might do something similar to the reasons why I love you for my mom's mother's day gift. I was thinking of making it 47 reasons why you are a wonderful mother (that is because I am 47)

    Any ideas on how to make it look better than just store bought index cards that I write on?

    You are Mizz Crafty you know!

    that is all

  3. Adrienne - I saw on FB that you made it out to the coast. Have fun! It's going to be a gorgeous weekend!

    PBJ - you know, I was thinking that album would make a sweet mother's day gift. I like your idea on using your age. How's this for your crafty request....I will create an album at tomorrow's crop and post a DIY on Sunday :)

  4. Jenny, love your finds! I have lots of vintage green canning jars, now to find a pump top to fit. I made a heart and shamrock paper chain this spring, a book paper one would be fun!
    See you tomorrow!

  5. Love love LOVE that "Fun in the Sun" print!!
    You might want to check out Paper Source's catalog for the "Keep Calm and Carry On" motto on a mug and a water bottle - things I've wanted to give as gifts but was afraid the recipients might think I was insinuating they were uptight :)
    And I am one of the lucky few to have seen your upcoming album - so lovely and touching!


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