Thursday, April 21, 2011

Design Crush ~ Sunburst Mirrors

I have many design crushes...
but one of my biggest crushes right now are sunburst mirrors.

Traditional Home

spotted here
Ballard Designs

This DIY sunburst is made out of bamboo sticks. Isn't it pretty?
Isabella & Max Rooms
DIY sunburst made from the wood of a wine barrel. I might have to make one of these, since I'm a wine lover and all!
Cottage on Rosewood
DIY sunburst made out of paint stir sticks. YES, Paint Stir Sticks!
Centsational Girl

And here is the one I purchased to go above our bed. Which will look FABULOUS against my new stenciled wall...which I hope to tackle this weekend!
Ballard Designs
Do I have you lusting after sunburst mirrors now? If so, you're welcome :)



  1. Beautiful Crush

    I LOVE Ballard design. Their magazines are addictive for me.

    that is all

  2. I can't wait to see the new bedroom!!! New paint, stenciling and mirror :) Pretty!

  3. I am wanting a wine barrel mirror now. I just love that idea - my friend makes stuff with wine barrels - he made me a candle holder and a cool serving tray - I just emailed a link to the wine mirror to see if he can make me one of those. It's just too darling. I must have one!

  4. PBJ - I can't tell you how often I thumb through Ballard Design and Pottery Barn. If they ever dropped me from their subscription list I just might faint!

    Berta - and wait till you see the new lamp shades I did too! My room is going to sing when I'm done with it.

    Adrienne - I know, don't you just love that wine barrel mirror! And we live in wine country, so it's a MUST have!

  5. Love the one made out of bamboo sticks. As much as I love wine I think the wine barrel mirror is too rustic for my taste, but a very cool idea.


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