Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tray Magnific!

This tray did not start out this way. In fact, this wasn't even the original color of spray paint I chose. Sometimes it takes me multiple tries before I get something right. The story of my life!

Here is how the tray started out. While the little birdie was cute, it wasn't the look I was going for in our bathroom. I think I only paid $10 for the tray at the Beverly Crafts Outlet store, so I didn't feel too terrible spray painting  over it.

I spray painted the tray a nice shiny silver. But it felt "flat" to me. So back to the drawing board I went!

I gathered up a few art supplies and got to work on Plan B...

1. Ephemera & Liquid Glass glue, 2.  I glued a crown ephemera to one side of the tray, 3. And a flower ephemera to the other side of the tray, that way I could rotate the tray and get a new look, 4. I got out my Gold Leaf pen, which I have had for years and it still hasn't dried out, 5 & 6. After spray painting the tray a crisp white, I colored over the ephemera with my gold leaf pen, as well as outlined the top and bottom lip of the tray.

But wait, as if the gold leaf wasn't enough...I cut out some hot pink felt paper and lined the bottom of my tray for a bit of wow factor. I like it! I like it a lot!

Here are the before and after photos:

Now I have somewhere to put my vitamins, face cream, contacts case, and q-tips & cotton balls (hidden in the jars) all neatly contained on the bathroom counter. Tray Magnific!



  1. cute Jenny, you're doing a great job of sprucing up all areas, many that can be easily overlooked. Way to use up your old supplies too!!

  2. We need to keep you out of that Bev's outlet store, we can't keep up with you!!! Tray turned out very cute!!!

  3. Narda - no part of the house is safe these days! lol.

    Berta - Bev's outlet is my new favorite store, well, after Target of course.

  4. I've been hating the way all my "stuff" looks on my bathroom counter. You've totally inspired me to find a cute tray (or one that I'll MAKE cute!) & jars to hold it all. I love your blog & your step-by-steps & tips (like making the tray have 2 different looks/sides and using easy, cut paper for the tray liner). Thanks for my morning craft lesson & inspiration!

  5. Yay! Go Kelly! It makes my day knowing I've inspired you :)


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