Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Inspiration for Family Room

The easiest and cheapest way to make-over a room, is with new paint and accessories. I guess that's why I like to paint so much. Because it instantly gives a room a fresh new look, all in a weekends time! I guess you could say I'm an instant gratification kind of girl.

Now that I have breathed new life into our bedroom (I will post pictures soon!), my next target is our family room. The family room was the first room I painted when we finished building our house...which was back in 2001. That's like 10 years. No other room has made it that long without a change of color on the walls. But I'm tired of the latte colored Ralph Lauren Suede paint. And it must go!

In addition to paint, I am thinking of adding some new pillows to our green couches, and maybe a new lamp. I'd also love a new rug. The latest Pottery Barn catalog hit my mailbox on Friday and I must have looked through it a half a dozen times already.

Here are some pillows that would look great on our couch. However the prices are a little more than I want to shell out, so I am on the hunt for similar fabric, if I can find it.

I especially LOVE this teal fabric..

and these floral pillows are pretty...

and here are some lamps that caught my eye....

I am totally head over heels in love with this mercury table lamp...

these are cool too....

And this rug would be a nice contrast against our green couches....

and these pillars would look pretty on the fireplace mantle....

Yep, lots of eye candy in the latest edition of Pottery Barn!


P.S. I think I found some fabric at Joann's today that might work with our couches! I still want those last two pillows though....I don't think I'll be able to find fabric even close to them.


  1. wow you should be a professional at this stuff.

    Have you ever thought about it?

    Or work with realtor to do "make readies" for viewing?

    My favorite home interior magazine is Ballard Design...

    that is all

  2. You're sweet! That is actually my dream job. Maybe someday. In the meantime I just enjoy driving my husband crazy with all my projects.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. OK, let's try again.... Jenny, since all deco fabric is 50% off now at J's, time to drag that sewing machine out and get stitching!!

  5. Jenny- I saw a couple of lamps at (target) that look very similar to the clear glass lamps from PB. The lamps open so you can put something inside. Food for thought!

  6. Anonymous - I've seen those at my Target too. I love Target for affordable house decor! I ended up getting the mercury lamp for our family room and am so in love with my new lamp! I plan to do a post of our updated family room soon.


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