Thursday, April 14, 2011

Go Yellow or Not? That is the question...

As I was picking up some paint samples at Home Depot tonight, (because I just can't keep away from the paint aisle!) I spied a yellow can of spray paint.

and this yellow chair instantly popped into my head...
I just can't seem to get this cutie out of my head!

To paint, or not to paint? That is the question, and I am asking for your help!

I PhotoShopped my stools yellow.
 (probably a little brighter than the actual spray paint)

What do you think?

YES - go yellow!!
NO - the yellow is all wrong!

Your 2 cents really do matter in this matter!



  1. LOL Jenny get to the DR! You just painted your chairs to match the table chairs... You crack me up. Personally too yellow, I love the creamy white you have them now. : )

  2. R the chairs already yellow? If not go yellow!
    This is Kellie BTW

  3. Oh I didn't read that u photo shopped it I like them yellow!

  4. Yellow is too much for the chairs I think.....however, the plant containers painted yellow would match the lemons

  5. Leave them as is - to match the other chairs.

  6. The top photo is of a yellow chair against white cabinets, but that it not the case in your kitchen (last photo). My vote is NOT to paint the chairs yellow. Big mistake. Really. Leave them the creamy white that they are now.

  7. NO - the yellow is ALL WRONG!!! DON'T do it! DON'T do it! DON'T do it!

  8. No to yellow, sorry. I think it clashes too much with the rest of your kitchen. Maybe some yellow decorations will give you the bright & springy feeling your looking for?

  9. Nooooooooo.......

  10. Hmmm...I wonder which anonymous comment was my dear husband's? (hint: it was the one starting with a N and ending with a whole lotta O's ;)

    Wow, 12 comments! I think I have now peaked!

    The tally is: Yes - 3, No - 7, and Flip A Coin - 1

    What if I paint them a softer yellow? LOL. You No's are probably right. I think I will let this one simmer on the back burner for awhile.

    Thank you all for your 2 cents! If you haven't had a chance to vote yet, feel free to do so :)

  11. Thanks for letting it simmer. ; )

  12. Chiming in a bit late here!
    I LOVE the inspiration kitchen, all white. But as someone already pointed out, your cabinets being wood, have a darker tone. So I think soft yellow would more blend in with the cabs, rather than be a punch of color, which is the effect I think you're going for.
    My suggestion would be either to choose a darker yellow (how about your fave chartreuse?) or, since you like all things Parisian, how about a French blue? I think either would be stunning.
    well, you asked!!!!


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